A Rant. You've been warned.

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I am craving a huge breakfast. Like, Denny's style, IHOP inspired, BREAKFAST.

I want french toast, scrambled eggs with cheese and mushrooms and bacon. I want crispy hashbrowns and good strong coffee to wash it down with. Yum.

Man, I hardly ever eat breakfast, but for some reason right now that just sounds perfect. Maybe I'll have breakfast for lunch....

Anyway, I have decided to create a new planet. This planet shall be called 'THE PLANET OF THE OVER-EXPOSED'. And on this PLANET OF THE OVER-EXPOSED (or the PoOE) we shall send on the first shuttle, the following people:

Britney Spears: is there ANYTHING anyone needs to know about our little Miss Did It Again? Is there anything left to know? Who cares anymore. The girl needs to take her skanky ass back to wherever it is it came from and get out of my magazines already. Over-rated, untalented publicity whore.

Mary Kate & Ashely Olsen: Why are these two famous? I mean, seriously. Can they act? No, not really. Are they even pretty? Again, not really. Are they fucking annoying with their stupid little half-grins as they flaunt to the world that they're now legal to be fucked 12 ways to Sunday? Yes. Yes they are. I've got a special seat arranged just for Ashely "I'm not anorexic I just throw up a lot" Olsen. If you're going to kill yourself via not eating, at least cover your bony ass up. I don't need to see it.

Justin Timberlake: Er. Memo to Justin: Dude. You are so not Black. In fact you are so not black that people have now started to tell you that you're not black. That's how un-black you are. So shut up, grow up and stop trying to be something you're not. You may actually have some talent buried deep within you, but you've managed to buy into everything ever tossed at you that you no longer know how to find it. So yeah, until you do? Stop thinking you're the white man's answer to culture. Oh, and about the Britney thing? Get the hell over the skank already.

Well, those are the top four for the PoOE. (just for your info- bubbling under would be Brad! and Jen! and that marriage!) I'm sure there'll be more to sit next to them. I would have included Ben Affleck and J.Lo but since they broke up they are no longer a member of the Over-Exposed club, in fact, they are both members of the 'We are sliding into Obscurity club'. Rightly so.

I mean, what the hell is wrong with people? Why does everyone want to be famous? Is no one happy with being themselves anymore? I mean, I know I'm not happy with myself most of the time, but I'm short, chubby and a former survivor of sexual abuse, so I got my excuses. What the hell are the beautiful people's excuse? Are they really that insecure?

May 27, 2004 10:34 a.m.