Oddities and other notices

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Some odd things I've noticed:

The guys that work at Best Buy are the worse sort of geek. They're geeky but they don't think they're geeky. So you get this sort of 'I'm so fucking cool' vibe from them but really... they're not. I mean, they're working at Best Buy. Hello.

New music soothes the savage beast, but depletes the wallet. Ack.

I think some girls have gone too far in their Daniel Radcliffe lusting. This one girl wrote the words 'Marry me Daniel' on her stomach and flashed him as his limo went by. Now um, excuse me, but first off the kid is 14. 2nd off...um... yeah he's really going to want a girl who flashed him off a street corner. I can see it now- 'Mum, Dad... this is _____. I met her in New York when she flashed her stomach at me. Isn't it brilliant?!'

*Rolls eyes*

In other related Daniel news I discovered we can both do the same strange thing with our arms and hand. Well, he's a bit more weirder than I. I can't really handle that turning my hand completely around thing, but we both do the weird funky double-jointed arm thing. Let me tell ya, I have never been more proud of my weird body.

I've decided to grow my hair out. Basically out of pure laziness. I'm also thinking of trying to go blonde. Ack. It'll never happen. Maybe strawberry blonde? Hmm. Decisons.

I bought the new record by the infamous Patti Smith. I really, really, like it. I'm not a huge Patti fan, I gotta tell ya. But this album...it's sort of transcending that. It's just good music. I never before got how R.E.M was influenced by her so much, but now I do. It's weird in a 'she reminds me of Michael or maybe he reminds me of her' thing. And probably no one was really interested in this last paragraph.


May 26, 2004 9:52 a.m.