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I am really sad about Fraiser going off the air; I think more so than with Friends. (But maybe that has to do more with I knew Friends was coming to a close this year; I always thought Fraiser would be back.)

Fraiser has been on longer and I hate to sound like a snob, but quite frankly, Fraiser is a far superiour show.

Don't get me wrong- I was addicted to the Thursday night 7:00pm slot as much as the next girl, but to me Fraiser holds a special place in my heart because...well, first off I really have respect for Kelsey Grammer and all he's been through and the show has never once joked down to its audience. Fraiser starts with the premise that its audience is intelligent and works from there. It doesn't explain things to its viewers. It makes you laugh even if you don't understand all the references. It makes you care about the characters. It's always had a lot of heart. And tv next year will be a very desolate place without it.

I feel as though I'm losing a close friend here- how silly. No more Buffy, no more Angel. No more Friends, no more Fraiser. Television will soon just be one vapid expanse of American Idol, Screw Your Lover! Marry A Millionaire!, Eat Shite In Front of A Live Audience! and Donald Trump. There will be no creativity. There will be no heart. There will just be dry lands, consumed by meaness, betrayal, caustic remarks and making another human being feel bad - all sandwiched inbetween ads for cereal, cola and beer that try to make you feel inferiour because you're not drinking it, eating it, or being it.

I know people have said for a long time that TV is a wide and empty place- playing to the lowest common denominator to get a laugh, get a rating, or get an audience. I know people have claimed that tv has always been a vapid, cold thing.

But something tells me that after this year of ending shows and the creation of yet more crap from the FOX network, that we ain't seen nothing yet. Mark my words, in two years time we'll look back in fond remembrance when television actually entertained and made you laugh or hell, made you cry! Instead of making you want to hate and be nasty just because you can. We'll remember when humor meant being funny and not being degrading to someone else. We'll remember when characters were supposed to be fake and that they were more real than anyone on any reality show can ever claim to be.....

In other news, I guess this means I can now get more things done, since I won't be watching tv any more....

May 11, 2004 10:09 p.m.