Don't I know you from the cinematographer's party?*

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Jelly Belly jelly beans are the best. My personal favorites are the popcorn ones and the A & W cream soda ones and the blackberry ones and the margarita ones. I could seriously just eat jelly belly's all day. Creating different tastes and combo's in my mouth. Yum.

Fascinating stuff, to all of you, of this I have no doubt.

I lay in bed all morning watching Peter Pan. *warm gushy feelings* Jason Isaacs, good. Jeremy Sumpter, good, faeries, extra good..... I do believe in faeries, I do! I do! Anyway, now I'm all warm and gooey inside like melted chocolate, which reminds me...

I bought strawberries the other day AND I bought white chocolate dip to dip them in. It's really cool- it's like fondue in a plastic cup. You simply heat the chocolate chips up, dip the strawberries in it and then let it harden. They taste incredible. I'm very proud of myself now. I don't have spend 4$ a pop buying one at a chocolate store- I can make my own!! Of course it cost $3.99 for the berries and $2.49 for the chocolate but hey, at least I get more than one!

Again, I'm sure I'm just entertaining you all to tears.

And no, I am not an ungrateful daughter. I took my mom out on Friday for mother's day, so there. She told me she didn't want a gift. Just lunch. Who am I to go against the wind?

* subject title and last line- many thanks to Paul Simon.

May 09, 2004 1:31 p.m.