Off to see the Wizard

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Well, I'm off to see POA. Yay! Finally, June 4th is here. I'm sure I'll just be all depressed and down after it passes. Then I'll get on with the annual Birthday depression that always sets in.

Gee, I love my outlook.

Anyway, in other brief news my computer chair broke (I bought a new one, so don't worry about my ass), I got my b-day present from my parents- a nice new shiny compaq presario notebook that kicks ass! and well....that's it really. It's been Harry Potter Harry Potter Harry Potter pretty much after all that other stuff. I might even see the movie twice today. Whoohoo.

Ah well, must go put my Sirius Black tee shirt on and look like a major dork.


June 04, 2004 8:28 a.m.