Waxing on Dan

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Okay, I know some of you think I'm a bit pervy for liking Daniel Radcliffe, but honestly...how can I not like this boy? Not only is he easy on the eyes (ahem) but gah! he's just growing into such an interesting person. It doesn't hurt matters that we have the same taste in movies and music. I'm so shallow...

"If you know Morrissey only likes seven people in the world, how would you approach him? Would you say, 'hi, I'm Dan, I want to be your eighth friend'?"

Brilliant really.

He also wants to meet Lou Reed and has no problems with acting like a geek for it. He'd thank him for writing Walk on the Wild Side. Personally, I'd thank Lou for writing Sweet Jane, but that's a small nit-pick. :)

Anyway, this article is great because Dan rants about the type of music that people his age are listening to and how so much of it is just utter and total crap and I swear, I wanted to reach out and hug him through the paper.

I love that boy. I honestly do.

Oh, a big hug to Carley, who made me laugh out loud with her little I like you page. :) *hugs Carls* You rock.

June 02, 2004 7:47 p.m.