Er... okay. Scratch that.

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Ok. I had a quiz to post but I can't get the font to change colors. I'm not even sure why the font opted to go dark blue. There wasn't a code for it in the quiz, so by all rights it should have come out white.

I hate html.

Oh well. You guys don't get to read my great intelligent answers. lol

I'm sure you all care. :-p

I promise, once the Prisoner of Azkaban movie is out, I will stop this Daniel Radcliffe crushing. Promise. Yeah. Really. It is entirely inappropiate for me to be crazy about a 15 year old boy. Completely and utterly. So what if he looks older and acts it.

Man, I was making the new diary photo and was thinking to myself... 'ah...if only I were 16 again... and had my own passport...' That's scary. I mean, I hated being 16. LOL But goodness, if I were younger? Good lord, that boy had better watch out. I'd be on him like white on rice.

Hey, I said IF!

*Bluestarhalo crawls back into her sick twisted den of inequity and mumbles something about needing to meet a man...*

May 29, 2004 5:51 p.m.