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I love Lemon-Berry slushes from Sonic. Hear me world. They rock. You do not know what you are missing.

Gah- I had a very productive day, even if all I did was editing and helping of friends who sent me their stuff to look over and correct. Man, I don't know how editor type people do it. I feel bad for marking up someone's text, you know? But when a piece really needs it... don't you sort of owe it to the person to help them fix it? I mean, everyone makes typos. Hell, I do on a daily basis just in this diary. But sometimes you start to beta-read something and it just really needs help. Then I start feeling bad. Grumpf.

By the way I am really pissed off that Playstation2 just lowered its price 50 friggin bucks. Bastardos. I should write them and demand the difference. Grumble.

I am currently playing really old cd's. Music I haven't listened to in ages. It's very... weird.

I'm remembering my life at the time the cd was new and it's....trippy. God, I feel old.

May 18, 2004 8:10 p.m.