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You know, with all the new photos and cards being released lately, I feel like I've already seen Prisoner of Azkaban! Eek. I mean, the fandom is just getting BOMBARDED with new photos. I can hardly keep up...

I awoke at 4am today. Bah, not good, because now my whole day is wasted. I've been in a sort of sleep-deprived coma, watching the food network.

SO yeah...I'm just basically killing time until the Friends finale. Sad, but true.

I can't believe Friends is going off the air. I seriously grew up with the show. It's weird. I remember when Seinfeld went off, I was depressed for days. Not so much because the show was over but because the finale sucked eggs.... but I digress. Here's to a happy ending for Ross and Rachel, man.

I mean, he's her lobster, you know?

May 06, 2004 4:07 p.m.