Gifts of fate are never late

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My heart's been raw and sore today and tears have been threatening and more then once have I been wondering why I just don't let them fall;

Sometimes fate or life or whatever it is you want to call it, is funny. I went to the store to pick up my copy of Peter Pan on dvd (hi! Lauren!) and discovered Mary Chapin Carpenter had a new album out.

I adore Mary. She's got a voice that makes you sing along; she's got a poet's heart that makes you feel as though she singing right to you and further more she understands. She is always there when I need to be reminded of things. Her songs have been a sort of background soundtrack for my heart and this time is no exception, so I'm feeling blessed in a way that I haven't in quite some time and I'm glad I had this to remind me.

"I thought a light went out, but now a candle shines.

I thought my tears wouldn't stop but then I dried my eyes.

And after all of this, the truth that holds me here

is that this emptiness is something not to fear.

Yeah, I'll keep wondering how we know where we belong

after all the journey's made and the journey's yet to come

When I feel like giving up, instead of going on

Somewhere in between....

Yeah I'm just wondering how we know where we belong- is it in the arc of the moon leaving shadows on the lawn? Or is it in the path of fireflies and a single bird at dawn, singing in between here and gone....?"

May 04, 2004 6:55 p.m.