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I need to rant about a couple of commercials I've seen recently...so beware.

Okay, first is this SUV commercial. I can't remember what company it is, I've blocked it out. Anyway, it has these kids and they're all smiling and having fun and the voice over says something like 'Enjoy it while you can' and then it has the little girl saying- "Before you know it, I'll be walking down the aisle..." then it has a little boy and he says, "Before you know it, I'll be going to college..."

Now excuse me, but WHAT THE FUCK? Why does the boy get to go to college and the little girl gets to walk down the aisle?! See, this is what pisses me off-sexism that is so subtle and under the radar it doesn't even hit you until later or at all even. There is no reason why that little girl can't be saying, "Before you know it I'll be saying my acceptance speech as President or before you know it, I'll be running my own company.. etc." She does not need to be walking down the bleeding aisle!!!!!!!!

Okay. Rant over. For that one, anyway.

The next one has to do with Botox. God, I love this one- it's a commercial with flowers and you see what I suppose is supposed to be a bridal bouquet flying up in the air and some voice over says something like, to get there, you need Botox (or some such similar asine assumption). Which basically means, if you don't look young enough and have this chemical squirted into your face, you're never going to get married. Gah!!

This is wrong people!!!!!!!!!

Okay, you may think I'm over-reacting, but compare this woman is inferiour ideology to this little tidbit- recently in Washington DC, pro-choice rallies were held and of course the anti-abortion arseholes were out in abundance. There was one guy with a bullhorn telling women to 'get back into the kitchen and leave the complications behind'. Yeah right. The complications being your fat ass knocking me up so I can have 10 million of your hillbilly children. No thank you.

Sexisim and the devaluation of women still happens. Don't ever think it doesn't. It's just getting harder to spot.

Of course, the pro-choice, anti-abortion arguements are null and void pratcially at this point in time. Bush has done more to erode women's rights in his time in office than anyone before him. But you don't hear those laws he puts into place being talked about in the news; you don't hear how he has cut funding for clinics that help women make descions for themselves. But he's doing it and if you don't think he is, well... all I can say is pass me the drugs your on, because that must be some seriously good shit.

April 28, 2004 12:59 p.m.