Diaryland, you're special

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I think I am stretching myself too thin. Too many internet haunts. I update here, I update there, I update at live journal....

I like live journal for the most part, but it seems awfully clique-y. Everyone name drops and has things like 'friend of the day' and so a sense it's almost like you're in highschool again and you want to get noticed by the popular people...

That's one thing I've always liked about diaryland, you're able to create this little pocket of good people you read- and they read you and everything is right with the world. You feel supported or loved or something... with Live Journal it's like you're the neglected family member dying for attention.... it's very odd.

But anyway, yeah, I've been trying to keep separate me's going around and to the one or two that read all of these me's I can only apologize for forcing you to witness my schziophrenia. But then, I am a gemini and I do have two natures...

I was up until 3am reading. What a tiring joy that is. There's something I still love doing- getting lost in a book so completely I don't even notice the passing of time. I feel sorry for people that don't have that; I feel sorry for people that can't render themselves to the imagination. I'm not saying reading till 3am makes me a better person, but only those who have ever done it will know what I mean. You lose yourself when you do that and sometimes that's the best thing in the world. It happens to me sometimes when I write- I'll look up and hours have gone by of me hacking out sentences that form paragraphs that form a story. It's an amazing thing.

There's no rhyme or reason to this entry, really. Just me, yacking away. But, thanks for listening.

April 26, 2004 12:46 p.m.