Funny thing happened on the way to updating...

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So I buy the new Playstation2 game for POA. Hmm. You know, I'm actually getting a kick out of the fact that I can actually be Ron and and Hermione in this one. Hermione, in fact, is probably the first non-scantily clad female video game character ever. And she's smart in the game, so neeners. Tis cool.

I am having fun with the laptop. Oh, didn't I mention? My birthday present this year is a Compaq Presario laptop computer. 64 AMD processor and CD and DVD re-writable. Yep. I rock. I am so going to become a bootleg pirate and run a business out of my home. Er. Maybe not. Did I already mention this? I swear, having two different journals is starting to make me feel as though I have a split personality- there's blackouts and I forget what I've said where..... Yeah.

I'm fending off the birthday depression. Although at night, it still gets the best of me. Hence the rather tragic update at Anotherword. Bah. I tire of my moods.

Anyway, back to writing. See you all on the flipside of my imagination.

June 07, 2004 11:59 a.m.