This my friends, is a dead fish

I'm so Moody, I'm: The current mood of at

Blue moods are funky. Like a pair of socks you need to wash, but you're still wearing. Or like an old favorite shirt that just needs to be thrown away, but you keep wearing it anyway...

So basically I'm saying a blue mood is like a pair of funky, smelling socks wrapped up in a shirt that has seen better days.

It's a comfort thing and you know how us humans like things that comfort. Even things that make us feel bad. Even things that we know should be tossed along the side of the road like a pop can...


I think too fucking much.

I want to be senseless. Brain-dead. I want to feel and not think. Not dream, just experience. I'm so tired of fighting.


Jesus, would Prisoner of Azkaban just be released already so I can go see it a million times?!!

May 23, 2004 12:10 p.m.