Rant. Harry Potter style.

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Well a new batch of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban pictures are out. I just have one thing to say- have the people that put these things together actually read the bloody books? I swear if I see one more picture of Hermione looking sweetly at Harry I will gag myself.

Come on- it is so not Harry and Hermione in the books. What the hell is up with this marketing scheme? If POA is full of Hermione/Harry moments I may refuse to ever go see another movie.

I know I'm just over-reacting, because I know for a fact there is a Ron and Hermione holding hands moment in the film, but geeze... just because Dan and Emma look good together doesn't mean we need to see 10,000 pictures of them making googly eyes at each other as Harry and Hermione.


*this rant brought to you by a very dedicated Ron and Hermione shipper. If you don't like that, kiss off into the air and go read the books again, you moron**

*err.. sorry about that. normally I'm not quite so rude to people with obvious mental problems.

April 20, 2004 1:17 p.m.